Karaloon 11-Inch Premium Helium Quality Polka Dots Balloons (Pack of 30)

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The bag contains 30 latex balloons in professional helium quality assorted in tender pastel colours. The balloon are all around imprinted with the top modern Polka Dots design. The balloons can be filled with air or helium. The floating time with helium indoor is app. 14-18 h and can be increased up to 3 weeks with Ultra high float. The balloons are also excellent suitable for balloon flying contests and fly up to 500 Km depending on weather conditions. Made of natural rubber latex. Please use a pump for inflation. Safe und certified product (by the German TUV) regarding hazardous substances.

Box Contains

30 Balloons

  • 11 inch Latex Balloons Professional Quality in assorted colours
  • silk screen all around print
  • Suitable for air and helium filling
  • Certified by the German SGS/TUV regarding product safety
  • Made in Europe

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